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Dec 27, 2017
Mar 14, 2014
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John Wetter

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Dec 27, 2017
    1. photovor
      There is personal information such as full names, phone numbers, and emails being exposed on this website: without any verification or protection. Google has already crawled and indexed the page as well. I found my name and email address on that list, along with over 700 other members information.
    2. Bob Hartig
      Bob Hartig
      It has been ages since I used SN, and I lost my account info when my laptop got trashed. I've tried every username/password combo I can think of, but none work. Also, while I still own my domain name, it’s now a subdomain on a new web host. I suspect I'll need to reregister with SN. I've already posted about this in the forum, and you told me to PM you to discuss accounts. Your help will be appreciated.
    3. Kenneth180
      Hello, I had been set up on spotter network under my old work email and forgot my password. I have no way to reset the password. Email address was [email protected] user name Kenneth180. Can you point me in the right direction to get me back in the network. Thank you in advance for your assistance. ***current email: [email protected]
    4. ES-14
      Hello, I am trying to add my group to the member network. It won't allow me to post the template in the forum. Pop up says it contains spam-like content. What do you suggest? I am planning to have my team members join SN and would like the group added. Thank you for your attention in this matter. SN-51681
    5. Sam Penwright
      Sam Penwright
      Hi John I'm a member of the spotters Network and I have moved to Florida and I just joined the sky warn team and they have requested my certificate. I tried finding it on the site a place to down load my certificate again. But can't seem to find it my spotter I'd is 20005 any help would be apreciated
      Thxs Sam Penwright
    6. Paul Guthrie
      Paul Guthrie
      Sometime ago I asked if my spotter network password can be sent to me and it never has been. My login is HGSDirector and is number is 21199. My new email is [email protected]
      1. Paul Guthrie
        Paul Guthrie
        I think spotter network is ignoring my request
        Apr 9, 2016
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