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  1. Mark Cotten
    Mark Cotten
    I'm Mark from east texas, storm chaser with Fulltilt Weather
  2. Larry D Cooke
  3. Sam Penwright
    Sam Penwright John Wetter
    Hi John I'm a member of the spotters Network and I have moved to Florida and I just joined the sky warn team and they have requested my certificate. I tried finding it on the site a place to down load my certificate again. But can't seem to find it my spotter I'd is 20005 any help would be apreciated
    Thxs Sam Penwright
  4. JasonPalmer96
    I Believe the 2017 Spring Severe weather season will be more active then 2016 Season
  5. JasonPalmer96
  6. Scooter313
    Have compass, will travel.
  7. Wes Harris
    Wes Harris
    Currently in Saline County Arkansas
  8. franklawson
  9. Garrick Pattenden
    Garrick Pattenden
    I am the Founder of Windsor Storm & Weather Watch founded in 1997 in CYQG Windsor Ontario Canada.
  10. henrycluker
  11. flaurean king
  12. Knocker
    Don't run from it - I run to it
  13. Greg Hanson
    Greg Hanson
    Skywarn Spotter ID 16-336 NYC, Callsign KC1BWR
  14. Mark R. Stovall
    Mark R. Stovall
    Hello everyone, glad to be here.
  15. Lois Bentley
    Lois Bentley
    You can see miles of farmland out my windows...Mother Nature is amazing
  16. N5WT
    Nothing to see here
  17. Terrence Knuth
  18. David Wells
    David Wells
    In Aspen Colorado until the 20th of August
  19. Ski3272
  20. Stormchasr16
    Why can't I log onto radaracope