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  1. Richard E. Smith
    Richard E. Smith
    Active NWS Storm Spotter
  2. Christopher H.
    Christopher H.
    Trying to set up an account with the Spotter Network.
  3. samdaman2017
    Going to be chasing Storms tomorrow near the Raleigh area.. can't wait! Possible tornados tomorrow.
  4. Adam Wilson
  5. Darryl.D Yeg-Chaser
    Darryl.D Yeg-Chaser
    Had fun taking my Uncle Stan chasing last night, July 27. @imagesbystan on his twitter for cool pics.
  6. Darryl.D Yeg-Chaser
    Darryl.D Yeg-Chaser
    Proud to Chase storms in Alberta, Canada.
  7. Viatropin Muscle
    Viatropin Muscle
    It allows you to push your body to its potential to perform rigorous exercises at gym without Viatropin getting fatigue.
  8. Swaters
    Spotter Basic and graduate completed. Spotter cert. Under maiden name Kimberly Keefover.
  9. bloastp blasto
  10. Stormy61
    Newly joined after losing my old sign-in info. Spotter #LKD-001 out of upper Bucks County, PA.
  11. Bill Lockridge
    Bill Lockridge
    ABC 3340 skywatchers from Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, AL.
  12. Bob Hartig
    Bob Hartig John Wetter
    It has been ages since I used SN, and I lost my account info when my laptop got trashed. I've tried every username/password combo I can think of, but none work. Also, while I still own my domain name, it’s now a subdomain on a new web host. I suspect I'll need to reregister with SN. I've already posted about this in the forum, and you told me to PM you to discuss accounts. Your help will be appreciated.
  13. Mack Simpson
    Mack Simpson
    "I'm a drinker with a writing problem."
  14. Randal Walker
    Randal Walker
    Living in the heart of Oklahoma. Amateur Radio W1OWX. Fascinated and getting eduacated of weather phenomenons.
  15. H. Michael Miley
  16. BUZZARD79
    We're Not in Kansas anymore ️ ⛈️️️️
  17. Nicholas
    Just sitting here looking for these storms
  18. Jekyll424
    Active in Craighead County, Arkansas
  19. Badboy1980
    I will be in the field starting at 4 AM CST
  20. Kenneth180
    Kenneth180 John Wetter
    Hello, I had been set up on spotter network under my old work email and forgot my password. I have no way to reset the password. Email address was [email protected] user name Kenneth180. Can you point me in the right direction to get me back in the network. Thank you in advance for your assistance. ***current email: [email protected]