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  1. Badboy1980
    I will be in the field starting at 4 AM CST
  2. Kenneth180
    Kenneth180 John Wetter
    Hello, I had been set up on spotter network under my old work email and forgot my password. I have no way to reset the password. Email address was [email protected] user name Kenneth180. Can you point me in the right direction to get me back in the network. Thank you in advance for your assistance. ***current email: [email protected]
  3. Will jones
    Will jones
    EMT ,Fire fighter in ohio
  4. Troixz
    Born and raised here in blue springs Missouri. Hey ive tried living in a more climate friendly area but i always end up right back in Mo
  5. Cynthia Davenport
    Cynthia Davenport
    Radarscope is not letting me log in to my spotter network. Not sure what the problem is. I haven't made one report on spotter network.
  6. ES-14
    ES-14 John Wetter
    Hello, I am trying to add my group to the member network. It won't allow me to post the template in the forum. Pop up says it contains spam-like content. What do you suggest? I am planning to have my team members join SN and would like the group added. Thank you for your attention in this matter. SN-51681
  7. Ken reed
    Ken reed
    Bi-County Storm Spotter
  8. Mark Nance
    Mark Nance
    In Tulsa area on business.
  9. Jordan H
    Jordan H
    Just a small town Montana guy looking for some Tornado's
  10. Jeff Crecelius
    Jeff Crecelius
    Great Plains Severe Weather Team
  11. laszlo77
    My PWS is KVARICHM86 Richmond Virginia 37.571 -77.439 Ambient Weather WS-1400-IP (wireless)
  12. Mark J Filosi
    Mark J Filosi
    Lifetime Weather Enthusiast
  13. Jimmy Evans
    Jimmy Evans
    Founder and CEO of CENTRAL ARKANSAS STORM CHASING ORGANIZATION. Love to do what we do.
  14. n9nu
    ARS: N9NU - ARRL: OES/AEC/VE - 146.730 -600 100Hz - Woodlake Landing Unicom: 122.80
  15. n9nu
    ARS: N9NU -
  16. Brad F
    Brad F
  17. Mharrel
    Working in Douglas,Wyoming. Cold, cold, cold
  18. Ryan Simcox
  19. wesp
    How do you become a member of the Spotter Network on RadarScope.
  20. Charlie Goodwin